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Aesther Ekme

Aesther Ekme is a leather goods label with focus on purified, refined and sculptural design. The idea of "functional aesthetics" runs through every piece, which carries in its DNA a desire to push the boundaries of classic shapes, adapted to a modern woman’s needs.

The brand was founded in 2016 in Copenhagen by creative director Stephane Park. The name of the brand comes from, Aesther, a combination of the name "Esther" and the word "aesthetic" and Ekme which describes a "shoulder bag" in Crimean Tatar. Together, and subliminally,
the name reads "archetypal bags".

The ethos of the brand stands for a no hardware, no logo look, creating an aura of anonymity around its designs. Each bag features our signature three dot logo discreetly embossed onto the bag. Aesther Ekme celebrates strong women that don’t necessarily follow labels or trends.

With Aesther Ekme’s refined aesthetic and emphasis on simplicity and functionality, a careful selection of the highest quality materials is a priority for the brand. Working with top graded leathers from LWG (Leather Working Group) certified tanneries, who promote and develop sustainable and appropriate environmental practices within the leather tanning industry