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Inspired by a shared passion for art and design, creative and life partners duo Jesse Dorsey and Wannasiri Kongman launched accessories brand BOYY in 2006. Since then, it is known and celebrated for its highly innovative use of materials, superior quality and a modern-yet-timeless aesthetic. They are at the forefront of the BOYY brand, and their trademark buckle embellishments ensure that their pieces carry instant recognition. New and existing fans of the label can expect exceptional quality, silhouettes of unparalleled design and a fashion-forward interpretation of luxury. 

Brands philosophy has been always to add a masculine component to the female accessories in order to emphasise her femininity, bringing yin and yang to its DNA. BOYY bags carry elements from the past, with minimalistic sophistication and high quality luxurious design that is today the main characteristic of the BOYY brand.

The most famous is the BOYY Buckle collection that was launched in 2015, inspired by the past fashion era with a wide belt and a buckle resembling the details from the 70s.