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STEAMERY creates beautiful and easy-to-use tools for clothing care, by combining high technology with Scandinavian design, resulting in clever tools that make clothes last longer.

Most people today don't have the time or knowledge how to care for their clothes in the right way. Garments that lose color or shape are most often not worn out - they are washed out. Clothes that are properly maintained will last. STEAMERY’s mission is to inspire everyone to take better care of their clothes.

Steamery creates innovative clothing care products for the urban individual by combining high technology with beautiful and minimalistic design offering products that will forever change the way we wear and treat our clothes.

Steamery was founded by the group of entrepreneurs, designers and textile engineers, who , during years in the fashion industry,  realized that consumers didn’t know how to take care of their clothes in the right way. They decided to change that by making clothing care fun, easy and accessible.